Vita Kim Kluge



2020 Preparation for international Exhibitions

2019 Foundation of the Art and Economy Initiative in Cooperation

with Frank H. Wilhelmi and Ralf Wiemann 

(Frank H. Wilhelmi, Founder of Odem Investing, Founder of Businessangels AG, 

works since 1989 on a tree project with Walter Dahn and Johannes Stüttgen.

Ralf Wiemann, CEO of the Plato Academy GmbH and co-partner and advisory board 

of Atmospheric-Art GmbH.) 

Since 2019 Partnership with Frank H. Wilhelmi , Odem Investing 

Since 2018 Partnership with Ralf Wiemann, Atmospheric-Art GmbH 

2019 Panel discussion at Atmospheric-Art GmbH on the topic of „Human Art“  

with Frank H.Wilhelmi, Kim Kluge, Ralf Wiemann

Since 2019  First chairperson at the BBK Bonn, Rhein-Sieg e.V.  

Since 2019 Membership Bonner Kunstverein 

Since 2006 Membership RAD München, Artists Association 

1999 Diploma of Fine Arts with Prof. Walter Dahn (Student of Joseph Beuys), 

Academy HBK Braunschweig    

1999 Master Degree of Fine Arts with Prof. Walter Dahn, Academy HBK Braunschweig 

1993-1999 Study of Fine Arts, Academy HBK Braunschweig

1992 High school graduation

1968 Born in Hannover, Germany


1999 Award for special artistic achievement as a Master Class Student

of Prof. Walter Dahn (Student of Joseph Beuys), Academy of Fine Arts, HBK Braunschweig 


Since 2020 SINGULART.COM, International representation Headquarters Paris, France 

Since 2020 FRIENDMADE.FM, International representation  Headquarters Bonn, Germany  

Since 2019 ARTWORKS.ART, International representation Headquarters Basel, Switzerland 

2018 -2019 UPDATE GALLERY, Headquarters Bonn, Germany 

2017 Pixunique, Online Gallery, Düsseldorf 

2007  Qyou, Online Gallery, Cologne 


Collection A.Rauen, Collection W.Schön, Collection R.Wiemann, Collection P.Thomy, 

Collection Volvo Köln Collection Nord LB, Hannover, Collection K.Hasemann, 

Collection Cosi, Collection M.Sandschulte 


2019 Podiumsdiskussion bei der Atmospheric-Art GmbH Thema „Kunstwerk Mensch“ mit Frank Wilhelmi (Founder Businessangels AG und Baumprojekt mit Walter Dahn und Johannes Stüttgen; seit 1989)  und Kim Kluge, Stefan Bach und Ralf Wiemann, CEO der Plato Academie GmbH und Mitgesellschafter und Beirat der Atmospheric-Art GmbH.

2018 Partnerschaft mit der Atmospheric-Art GmbH, Ralf-Wiemann. Verbindung von Kunst und Wirtschaft mit ethischen Grundsätzen.

2018 „Konkret Abstrakt“ Update Gallery. Katalogüberreichung an die Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel.

2018 Update Gallery nimmt Kim Kluge unter Vertrag


2017 "Me First" Artproject for a better world Video
Kim Kluge und Jolanda Coppola

2017 „Perfect Life“ Die Kunststation Bonn

2017 Pixunique Online Galerie nimmt Kim Kluge unter
Vertrag Privatverkauf an die Sammlung Annekatrin Rauen

2015 “Cloneflowers” Lohmart Halle Lohmar

2015 “Comparé à” Rubenswerkstatt Wuppertal Einzelausstellung
2015 “Comparé à” Brotfabrik Bonn Einzelausstellung Sponsoring Wolf Schön

2012 “Movements”Bonnerkunstschule Galerie
Einzelausstellung | Privatverkauf an die Sammlung Wolf Schön und Sammlung Annekatrin Rauen
Seither enge Zusammenarbeit mit Wolf Schön, Kunstkurator, Kunsthistoriker und ehem. Journalist beim WDR

2012 “Drawings” Bonnerkunstschule Galerie

2011 »Yellow« Gemeinschaftsausstellung im Posttower Bonn, FJK Förderverein für junge Kunst

2011 „Drawings” Bonnerkunstschule Galerie
Gemeinschaftsausstellung Schülerprojekt

2010 “Drawings” Bonnerkunstschule Galerie
Gemeinschaftsausstellung Schülerprojekt

2009 »Junge sterne« RKG (Mercedes)

2009 »Colours red« FJK Förderverein für junge Kunst

2009 »Spätzünderneueröffnung« Praxis Marcela Thomys Einzelsausstellung Ankauf der gesamten Ausstellung
2009 »Orientierungsräume« Remigiuskirche

2009 »Kunstliebe« Go 27 Einzelausstellung

2009 »Movements« Apentia München Einzelausstellung

2008 »Movements« Siemens Köln Einzelausstellung

2007 Qyou Online Galerie nimmt Kim Kluge unter Vertrag

2007/08 »Movements« BSI Bonn (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik) Einzelausstellung | Ankauf in die Sammlung
Ingeborg & Klaus Hasemann

2005 »Scotland yards« Cosi Restaurant Bonn Einzelausstellung
Ankauf der gesamten Ausstellung in die Sammlung Cosi

2005 »No one« La Linea Galerie VOLVO Köln, Einzelausstellung Sponsoring durch Ingo Fischer, Artplace Galerie. Die Ausstellung wurde durch den Künstler Michael Burges vermittelt.
Ankauf durch La Linea Galerie VOLVO Köln.

1999 - 2005 Corporate-Design und Konzeptkunst
für Werbeagenturen in Köln / Bonn

1999 »Scotland yards« Galerie P1 Einzelausstellung, Hannover Förderung durch Ankauf einzelner Werke Sammlung Nord LB Hannover
1997 Galerie VOXXX, Gemeinschaftsausstellung mit
Walter Dahn, Chemnitz
1996 »The esiest thing to grow in a garden is tired« Galerie Peters-Barenbrock, Braunschweig
Gemeinschaftsausstellung mit Walter Dahn
1995 »Extra«, Galerie Art und Arche Schloss Wendhausen, Braunschweig, Gemeinschaftsausstellung mit B. Bouchon

1994 »eye works«, Bielefeld, Eye Works Optik,

1994 »Novum« Architekturbüro Novo, Braunschweig,
Einzelausstellung, Ankauf der gesamten Ausstellung an
Michael Sandschulte



For twenty-one years I have been active as a freelance artist. I studied with Walter Dahn at the HBK in Braunschweig and graduated with distinction from him. Of course I inevitably had contact with his teacher Joseph Beuys. At that time it was not yet clear to me what significance Beuys would have for my artistic career today. For me, everything began with classical painting until the beginning of my studies. I oriented myself on old masterpieces of classical modernism. Kandinsky, Miró, Picasso... all styles were tried out and transferred to my own themes, out of enthusiasm for other works of art and other artists*. I stayed with surrealism for a while. Dali was my great role model as a contemporary artist. I was 18 years old and began to paint my dreams in the style of Dali. Then it became too narrow for me with this technique and I migrated to expressionism. That was when I was still at school. My art teacher loved me as long as I painted surrealistically. 


After graduating from high school I took a year off and painted daily. Figurative. Still life. Among them bananas with toilet paper in all variations. Professionally, I was in a real conflict. Studying art was not my declared goal. I did not want to become an artist and not be one. I struggled with the need to be artistically active all my life. I knew that most of the artists in our society are economically miserable. Nevertheless, the contemplation and creation of art was always a „nutrient“ for me, as Beuys once aptly put it. „I‘m not crazy enough to study art,“ I thought. I was also thinking about my needs for security, family, belonging, normality. Today I realize that there are very different characters among artists. That creating art is an important gift that can inspire our world or even make us think. As Beuys put it „I think with my knee“, I saw my task for me in acting with respect for every life on this earth with prudence.


When we get a skill in our hands, we are called upon to use it responsibly. Walter Dahn gave me decisive impulses during my studies. One of them was to let go of the techniques of the other masters and to find suitable material for impressions/impulses that I receive. The revolution of Beuys is that we stop selling art as an imitation of other techniques. Art is so much more than that. Other artists* like Rebecca Horn or Eva Hesse occupied me in a special way. Their highly sensitive sculptures. Next to them Marina Abramovic´ whose work also deals with borders and the crossing of borders. How far can we go with ourselves?

I have always been interested in the dissolution of boundaries and the subjective close-up of impressions 

and have embarked on a long search for suitable forms. I followed my impulses to try out everything. Photographically, painterly and graphically. Of course I also followed the traces of Mark Rothko, who has left a lasting impression on me with his transcendental work. Gerhard Richter is also contemporary testimony to the depth that results from the real knowledge of concrete representation. There is a common denominator in all my works. The preoccupation with structural things. „Looking behind it“ is always close to my heart. This is also expressed in my earlier work group „Movements“ (acrylic painting) and the photographic works „NO ONE“ (photographic work). The „Cloneflowers“ (digital work) are about observing what happens when a form is reproduced manually on the computer and the sum of the clone forms appears as a new form. It is about precision and perfection, about structural observations of our economy and society.


Next to this is the big question of what truth is. The chaos theory was very important to me during my studies. Also philosophers like Kant. Until 2016, I had not yet found an exact answer as to where the journey was actually going. It was a long search time. I wanted to find the go the other way around. Not to abstract a tree beyond recognition, but to concretise my perception of my surroundings. Today I call this genre „sensitivism“. We live in a new age. Have realized, at the latest in these times of pandemic and climate change, that we can no longer get ahead with „higher, faster, further“ and our „ego culture“. We are destroying our planet because we prefer to orient ourselves towards dominant leaders. It is the age of „noise“ vibrating from every loudspeaker in the wholesale and retail trade, distracting and manipulating us. Today I counter this with the silence of my meditative artistic process.


Kim Kluge 2020

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